Benefits Of Chiropractic At An Early Age


One of the major benefits of pediatric chiropractic at an early age is the enhancement to the immune system. I find that with children who combined with breast feeding get adjustments in the early ages, have almost no incidences of things like colic, ear infections, digestive dysfunction and overall aches and pains that we see with children who are not under care. The immune system really makes a large difference.

Another benefit is the fact that the children’s moods are better. This affects their concentration both at home and at school and their ability to interact with their brothers and sisters and their peers and their parents and their sleep patterns also. When a child’s nervous system is functioning fully, there is no short circuit there so when they close their eyes, they are actually able to go to sleep, get into that REM deep sleep cycle and wake up and feel refreshed – as opposed to perhaps waking up multiple times during the evening.

Lastly, I think we’ve seen a really significant improvement in cognitive development. Children who are under chiropractic care actually do things slightly more quickly than those who are not. That might be walking, it might be talking, it might be moving from liquid foods to solid foods.

Anecdotally over the eighteen years, I’ve noticed that there is a significant difference when chiropractic care is started early on in life.

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