Benefits of Laser Therapy


Laser therapy reduces pain. That is done by causing a production of a natural painkiller called an endorphin. Secondly, laser therapy results in a significant reduction of inflammation. That is created by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create the swelling in the first place and the reason there is the pain.

We see that with laser therapy, scar tissue actually begins to resolve and soften and become normal tissue again or close to it. It enhances lymphatic drainage which increases the circulation throughout the entire body and speeds healing. It is phenomenal with diabetic neuropathy. Laser therapy is really effective at being able to significantly improve those kinds of feelings. For the muscles that become tight and create chronic pain and destabilize the joints, the laser is able to slowly but surely return those to (in many cases) normal function and in many other cases significant improvement from what pre-treatment was.

Laser therapy also triggers faster bone repair. It is important to consider the laser as an adjunct treatment when somebody had a spinal surgery or broken anything or had a joint replacement. The laser stimulates fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation which basically means that it speeds up the healing process of those bone tissues and allows them to come back together more strongly and more quickly.

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