Benefits of Oils

Essential Oils have many uses and benefits both for the body and the home. Dr. Shepherd explains the various ways people can incorporate essential oils into their lives.

How are essential oils made and what are the different types of oils available?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Great question. Essential oils are essentially extracted from plants and/or fruits. There are many different extraction methods that can be utilized and how the extraction occurs has a significant impact on both the purity, the strength and the longevity of the extracted essential oil. The highest quality is achieved by a cold distilled extraction which allows of the volatiles to be captured without actual damage to the cells. It is however the most expensive extraction method so unfortunately many of the oils out there are heated which does decrease the efficacy and the shelf life. The oils that I choose to use in my office are Young Living oils and the cold extraction distillation process is used in their extraction. Now, oils can be used for aromatherapy, for cleaning products, to sterilize surfaces, to heal certain ailments and conditions, and some may even be used in cooking and added to water and foods for flavoring.

From a health and wellness standpoint, what are the main benefits of using essential oils?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well the essential oils are able to capture the true healing essences of the plant or the fruit that they are extracted from. Their uses can be many and varied and once a person has an understanding of each particular oil and what it’s capable of doing and how it affects the body and what certain contraindications may be existing and then how certain oils are able to be mixed, the uses can really be non-exhaustive. Just to talk on a few, they can be used for relaxation to therapeutic responses, to cleaning, aromatherapy, and that’s just touching on a few.

Are these oils safe for kids too?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: All oils are safe for everyone, Liz. Now that being said, there are always going to be certain contraindications to use and that may be apparent irrespective of the age of the person. However, just like a medication, the same medication generally can be prescribed for an infant or a child as an adult or a geriatric. However, what you are going to notice is the dosages are going to be significantly different dependent upon the age of the person. That is one of the ways that we treat children using essential oils. Obviously the dosage is going to be significantly less than it would be if it were an adult.

What oils do you recommend to ingest for health benefits?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: That is actually a very difficult question to answer because you really need a specific understanding and a case history of each individual in order to recommend any particular oil whether you’re planning on using it on your body, in a diffuser or internally. That being said, oils that can be used for flavorings for food and beverages very safely and easily – grapefruit oils, lime oils, and orange oils. Peppermint oil can be used also for flavor and to help aid digestion and stomach disorders, as can the oil ginger.

What are some other ways people can benefit from essential oils?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well essential oils are a wonderful way to naturally and non-invasively help with a multitude of issues. They can help with relaxation, they can help with stress management, digestion, pain management, have effects with viral or bacterial infections, help remove fungal infections, increase your energy, enhance your mood, help with focus and concentration. Here we’ve only just begun to touch the surface but a few of the possible uses and benefits of the oils. Really for a comprehensive understanding of oils and their uses, I suggest that people visit this following website: That site will answer any questions you could possibly have about oils, how they are processed, where to get them, what particular ones may be beneficial to you.

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