Biomechanics and Nutrition

Wellness programs that involve nutrition and biomechanics can have people of all ages and lifestyles living to their full potential. Our unique evaluations and protocols can completely change your life for the better.

Could you explain what Biomechanics means?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: By the word, biomechanics is basically the study of the structure and the function of a particular biological system and obviously with us, we’re talking about the human body. We do that by means of the methods of mechanics. Now, to define that a little better –  in other words, we’re looking at how the body moves, how it functions and whether or not it’s able to do so in normal planes of motion. Different joints have certain motions that they are designed to be able to achieve. Sometimes things get in the way that interferes what that so when we apply biomechanics to the body and to the spine, we’re looking to see that it is functioning and moving the way that it’s designed to.

We know good nutrition is important but what role does it play in Biomechanics?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Let’s use an analogy here. If we have a high performance vehicle and it says to put the premium gas in it and we do and it runs just perfectly. We have that same high performance vehicle and we choose to put the low grade, cheapest gas that we can in it, we notice things start to malfunction quickly. The power is less. The control is less. It’s the same thing with the body. What we put into the body determines exactly what we get out of it. If we’re feeding our body with things like high fructose corn syrups, saturated fats, basically the traditional American fast food diet, the results that we’re going to see with that in the body are dysfunctions and malfunctions because it’s not seen as quality nutrition and quality food anymore. It’s seen as actually toxic chemicals so then we see weight gain; we see inflammation; we see arthritis; we see neuropathies.

It’s super, super important that when we actually consider having a meal, it’s not just because we think we need to but we’re actually building the cells within the body for the next day. Ten thousand different cells die each day and we want to make sure that those ten thousand new ones that are being built are fed from things like high quality lean proteins, good quality organic fruits and vegetables, natural dairy as opposed to something that has an ingredient list of thirty different things that most people can’t pronounce and that turns the body toxic. There’s a very, very close relationship between how the body is actually able to function or move and the nutrition that you choose to put into it.

Do you have a wellness program in place for patients utilizing the concepts of Nutrition and Biomechanics?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Yes, in this office we do. Everybody has the opportunity to be able to get a complete evaluation of basically their lifestyle. We take a look and see what you’re doing at home, what you’re doing at work, what your exercise levels are like. Obviously from a body perspective, how things move. Are there some muscles that are tighter and looser than others? Are there some that are flat-out not working? Do you have any disease processes in there that can be related to biomechanics and poor quality nutrition? Once all of those things have become determined then it’s going to be extremely case specific for each individual.

There will be a restorative process where we’re dealing with the bones, the joints, the muscles, the nerves to increase function, decrease pain, increase the range of motion. Then to support that there may be some specific natural anti-inflammatories that are prescribed. There could be things like probiotics, multivitamins, specific omega 3, 6, 7s, 9s oils. The list is really too comprehensive to go into but it’s tailored through our evaluation system to help the body work closely with what you’re putting into it.

Are patients mostly athletes or does this work for individuals with other conditions?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: I do see a lot of athletes but I think that’s probably because I was a professional athlete myself. It works for anybody, absolutely. If you just again, strip it down to its basics of movement and food. If we can’t move properly we’re not going to be able to function the way that we want to. That can be somebody who’s a pediatric, it can be someone who’s a geriatric, it can be someone who’s a world class athlete, it can be somebody just an average person on the street. Again, tied very closely into if what they’re choosing to put into their body on a basis is actually making them more sick than regenerating and allowing the body to continue to progress.

The interesting thing is, many of us assume that with age comes dysfunction and pain and arthritis and multiple different conditions. I hear in my office every day, “This getting old thing is not all it’s cracked up to be.” With proper biomechanics and proper nutrition the body is actually designed to go to about 120 years of age in really, really good health. We have a lot more choice than we think. It’s important to me, I always talk about the structure, the biomechanics and the nutrition with pretty much everybody that comes into my office because the two are so integral it’s almost pointless, one without the other.

Can you share a success story about a patient who has seen improvement with Biomechanics?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: I’ll share my personal story. When I was 19 I was in the New Zealand Ski Team. I fell off a cliff during a race and was sent off by helicopter in a back brace and a neck board and long story short, I was in a wheelchair for 6 months. They said that it was very likely that I would never walk again and that I would certainly never ski again. My cognitive function was diminished. Many things were just not functioning well. What I did was, I sought out a chiropractor who was a specialist in sports and biomechanics and nutrition. It took 8 months to actually with a very intensive protocol to be able to get me out of the wheelchair and to be fully functioning.

Today as we stand at 46 years old I’m in better shape than I was when I was 19. I lift weights every day at the gym and my biomechanics was restored from something that was completely dysfunctional, but from an accident to honestly a position now where it’s better than it was back then. That’s a very personal story but I think it gives me a lot more empathy to be able to understand somebody’s dysfunctions and somebody’s pains and be able to offer some hope that it really can be changed.

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