Boost Your Immunity

There are a number of ways to boost your immunity – chiropractic adjustments that remove any interference with the nervous system allowing it to function better, dietary supplements, drinking alkaline water, quitting smoking and getting more sleep.

Do you recommend dietary supplements to boost your immunity?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well in today’s environment of genetically modified foods, poor nutrient content of food, high levels of toxins in our foods such as pesticides, fungicides, artificial hormones, antibiotic, our food is highly processed and it’s nutrient deficient so it’s become not a luxury to need to consume dietary supplements but really a necessity. Therefore, I certainly do recommend and personally use wholefood-based, high quality dietary supplements to boost the immune system and overall health.

Can drinking alkaline water boost your immunity?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Drinking alkaline water may have an effect in boosting your immunity. When alkaline water is consumed, it detoxifies the body. It helps strengthen bone integrity and it hydrates the body’s cells at a deeper cellular level. Now all of this will lead to overall healthier cells, a body that functions at a higher level, and ultimately an increased immune system that can better fight off any pathogens that the body may be exposed to.

Does regular exercise help boost your immunity?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, we’ve all heard the old adage, move it or lose it, and frankly this is very true. When the body is placed under a mild stress from physical exercise, it’s forced to rebuild old cells, become stronger, leaner, more flexible and generally function at a higher level. Now energy levels and quality of sleep also significantly improve with exercise. This in turn all leads to a strengthening of our immune system.

What habits do you see, like smoking, that should be stopped to boost immunity?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Obviously smoking should be stopped for a multitude of different health reasons. I think this is interesting in my clinical practice. I see the speed of the healing rates of smokers is generally 50% slower than those that choose not to smoke. Obesity also will lower one’s immune system significantly, and I see many recurrent infections in people who are overweight due to this fact that the immune system is weakened and compromised.

Long periods in a highly stressful situation or relationship will significantly lower immune responses and really you should try and avoid those situations. Sleep habits, also, of less than the generally accepted 6-8 hours daily of quality uninterrupted sleep will significantly lower the immune response.

From a dietary perspective, sugar significantly decreases immune function. In fact, one teaspoon of sugar, or to put it in perspective one bite of a candy bar, will lower immune function by as much as 20% for a period of one hour.

Can chiropractic care boost your immunity?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, chiropractic care has been shown in many studies to have a significant positive effect in increasing immune system function. A chiropractic adjustment releases any interference within the nervous system and this in turn allows all of the other systems in the body including the immune system to function at an optimal level and become stronger.

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