The Top 3 Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water

Of course there are many reasons and many health benefits to consuming energized alkalized water. However, the top three reasons in my opinion are: 1. Alkaline water promotes greater hydration for the body and its cells. 2. Alkaline water helps…
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Not all Water is Created Equal

Alkaline water is the best water for your body because it has an optimal ph range for your body to process. Alkaline water filters can be purchased for the home and there are also natural ways to adjust the ph…
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How Is Alkalised Water Better For Our Bodies?

Well our bodies contain approximately 80% water so it’s super important that we replenish that on a daily basis. We’re surrounded by so many toxins, so many things that acidify and create inflammation within our bodies. They are the root…
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Alkaline Water and pH Balance

Listen or Read Dr. Shepherd’s Monthly Podcast Interview! Topic – Alkaline Water and pH Balance Below you will find an easy to read transcript of Dr. Andrew Shepherd’s interview on the razorcast™ monthly podcast.  You can either watch the video…
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