How Is Alkalised Water Better For Our Bodies?

Well our bodies contain approximately 80% water so it’s super important that we replenish that on a daily basis. We’re surrounded by so many toxins, so many things that acidify and create inflammation within our bodies. They are the root behind so many of our lifestyle diseases now. So if we are able to take a body from an acidic state to an alkaline state using alkaline water as a mechanism to do that, we’re going to be able to be so much healthier, have more energy on a daily basis and be less likely to be susceptible to some of those lifestyle type diseases.

What many people don’t realize is that treated municipal water is treated with multiple chemicals. Just one example is chlorine. When chlorine is ingested into the body it actually mimics and essential nutrient like iodine. Well that’s going to bond to your thyroid molecules and it creates havoc. Just particularly with the thyroid gland we can see the hypo or hyperthyroidism. So alkaline water doesn’t have any of those chemicals in it because what you’ve done is you put it through an energized media so the mineral content is very high. That’s where the alkalinity comes from but yet the toxic load is almost none. So you’re really drinking pure water. What that does to your body is it detoxifies, it boosts the immune system, it obviously drives it in to a more alkaline state, it helps with your digestion, it helps with your energy levels and because the cells are micro-clustered it actually allows them to be better assimilated into the body.

We have what we call intracellular water and extracellular water. We need it intracellular, in other words inside the cells. Many people look and feel super bloated and they say I’m drinking so much all the time I don’t understand it. Well that’s because the water is staying extracellular because there’s too many impurities, too many toxins. When the body has water that it recognizes as super pure and useful it’s going to take it inside of the cell. So it’s kind of doing the right thing it’s using its own body’s defense to say ugh there’s too many impurities in this water, I don’t want it. So the alkaline water pH generally sits somewhere between 7.4 and 8.2. That’s healthy, that’s what the body needs.

You can test your own pH level, just get simple pH reagent strip from Walgreens, CVS anything like that and test your urine and test your saliva and it’s amazing. I can guarantee that most people listening will test extremely acidic. So take that as your base line to be able to say okay maybe I need to do more things including alkaline water to be able to change the health of my body and how I feel on a daily basis. If you want to take a look this website will give you a lot of information about alkaline water, why you need to take it and many different filters that are available as great options for you to be able to start your journey towards extra health and driving the body more alkaline in your own homes.

Dr. Andrew Shepherd, DC is the Clinic Director and Nutritionist for Mountain Health Chiropractic and Wellness located in the heart of Plano, TX. Dr. Shepherd and his staff strive to truly exceed all of your expectations! They offer a holistic approach to treat you structurally, nutritionally, and emotionally through the steps to wellness, longevity and life extension. Contact us for more information.

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