Low Force Adjustments

Low force chiropractic adjustments can be performed in different ways such as manually, with a low force instrument or with cold laser therapy. These treatments are safe for people of all ages and help with many soft tissue conditions.

What are the different chiropractic techniques that use low force adjustments?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, Liz, there are many and varying chiropractic techniques that do utilize low to no force adjustments. Now, the ones that I personally use in my office are Activator Methods, which is a manual instrument form of adjusting. An instrument called an ArthroStim, which is an automatic, mechanical, low force instrument, a percussor, and a rapid release, which are mechanical myofascial release devices, similar to getting a massage but just using an instrument and lastly craniosacral and SOT blocking, which is low force manual techniques, and, finally, cold laser therapy.

What conditions are treated with low force adjustments?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, any condition that can be treated with a typical, high velocity, manual adjustment can be treated equally effectively using one of the already mentioned low force techniques. Now specifically, any type of soft tissue or myofascial condition responds extremely well to these low force treatment modalities. Oftentimes when working with either pediatrics, geriatrics, or post-surgical patients, one of multiple of these low force techniques will be utilized as our preferred non-invasive treatment of choice due to the fact that it’s painless, very, very effective, and it’s more soothing for the client.

What type of equipment is used during low force adjustments?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, the equipment used for low force adjustment will vary, depending on the specific techniques or the specific instruments that are being utilized. Generally the patient will lay on an adjustment table and the treatment will be performed either using an instrument or a manual device as necessary but, if the patient is unable for whatever reason to lay down, we can performed seated adjustments and also standing adjustments. Many times when we’re treating pediatric patients, they simply stay in the mother’s or the father’s arms. You can actually visit our website at www.planochiropractornow.com and, on that website, there’s a full selection of all of our low force techniques including pictures, so you can kind of see for yourselves.

Are low force adjustments used in conjunction with other higher or deeper pressure adjustments?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: That’s a great question. Treatment protocols used with a patient are really case-specific and they’re tailored to each individual’s unique requirements. As such, there are definitely occasions where multiple forms of treatment, from low force instrument to manual and high velocity adjustments, will be used together, yes.

Are low force adjustments effective for everyone regardless of size or age?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Yes, absolutely. All low force treatment options utilized in this office are extremely effective, have multiple decades of research behind them, and this is the case irrespective of demographic and by that I mean age, size, shape, color. It’s irrelevant. It all works the same.

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