Non-Surgical Facelift

Collagenizer treatments with laser contouring can turn back the aging clock and over a period of time stimulate more new healthy plump skin regeneration with decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

How is it possible to get a facelift without undergoing cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: There is technology that has been available for many years actually for non-surgical facelifts and some of their options are going to include things like chemical peels, botox injections, nutritional and/or pharmaceutical supplementation, along with many various different types of lasers. Now in our office, we use any and all of the following treatment options: supplementation, topical creams, sculpting lasers and lastly, a machine called a Collagenizer machine. How this Collagenizer works is a process similar to ultrasound iontophoresis. What that means is we use a specific particular frequency in sonic waves and we’re able to decrease the size of the pharmaceutical, topical collagen. Along with the sound waves, this helps us to be able to penetrate deeply into the dermis of the skin. Collagen is not well-absorbed by the skin normally in a topical cream without this process. That’s due to the large size of a collagen molecule and the small size of the facial pores.

Besides restoring youthful looking skin, what are the other benefits to this collagen treatment?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: The collagen treatments are able to actually turn back the aging clock and over a period of time stimulate more new healthy plump skin – regeneration – and allowing the removal of fine lines and wrinkles. When we combine this process with our laser contouring, we’re also able to see significant lifting of tissue along with normalization of complexion and removal of blemishes and sun spots.

What can someone expect to experience and feel during a typical treatment? And how long does each treatment take?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: The treatments are extremely relaxing. The Collagenizer treatments last approximately 20 minutes, and our clients really notice a deep sense of relaxation, somewhat akin to a gentle facial massage. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the treatment. The follow-up laser treatment takes 8 minutes so we usually allow for 45 minutes per treatment session.

How many treatments are required before you notice a difference in your appearance?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Amazingly, noticeable changes are actually observed after only one session. We demonstrate this with before and after pictures and sometimes we’ll do one side of the face at one time so you’re actually able to look in the mirror and see, “Oh my goodness, there’s a huge change on one side and then I see the side that hasn’t been done.” Now obviously to achieve any sort of lasting effect, multiple treatments are required and recommended as they act accumulatively on the face and the neck and allow for that regeneration of the tissue.

Is this safe for everyone or are there certain factors and conditions that need to be considered?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: As the treatments are non-invasive, they are safe for any age group. In fact, many teens utilize the procedures as they are able to get resolution from unsightly acne and prevent scarring from severe acne. Now that being said, if someone has had skin cancer or any particular facial skin disorder, we always recommend clearing the procedures with their dermatologist before beginning any treatment protocol.

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