Not all Water is Created Equal

Alkaline water is the best water for your body because it has an optimal ph range for your body to process. Alkaline water filters can be purchased for the home and there are also natural ways to adjust the ph of filtered water using lemons, herbs or cucumbers.

Is there a type of water that is better for our bodies than regular tap water, or bottled spring water?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: You know, absolutely, Liz. Unfortunately, depending on where you are living in the country, regular tap water can contain high levels of dangerous chemicals such as, chlorine and fluoride. And in many areas, there’s upwards of over 150 contaminants. And they can range from hormones, pesticides, prescription medications, just to name a few. Now, these levels in the water are deemed to be safe by the municipalities because they appear to be at trace levels. However, I don’t know about you, Liz, but it’s not something that I want to be drinking.

So, bottled and or spring water is usually a much higher quality water and has minimal to no toxic chemicals in it. Now that being said, most bottled water comes in at a PH range of 6.6 to 6.9. Which, if you remember from chemistry, is on the acidic scale. And it does not hydrate the body well at all. So, the best water for hydration and optimal organ function is alkaline water.

You just touched on this but, what are the main benefits of drinking this special kind of water?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Great question. And again, not all alkaline waters are created equal. So, a good alkaline water will be completely free of all contaminants and have a PH range of somewhere between 7.6 and 8.4, which is optimal PH ranges for the body. There are some waters available out there that claim to be well over nine pH, but they are very, very alkaline and really doesn’t sit well with the body.

So some of those major benefits of the alkaline water are: hydration at an increased cellular level. increased oxygen uptake from the body, and an increase in energy, an increase in your digestive function – the alkaline water actually aids in weight loss. The alkaline water will help to speed up your metabolism, it decreases blood stream acidity and unfortunately, because of the foods we eat today, most of us are acidic. And it increases antioxidants, which actually promotes anti-aging. And at the same time, it’s very soothing and cleansing for both the digestive system and the colon.

Is there a filter or special equipment you can buy to help you make this water at home?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: There are multiple different companies who are producing many different options for generating alkaline water at home and also, on the go. I have personally trialed many of these, and have found one particular company to have the best alternatives. Water Revolution is the company. And their filters produce not only high-quality filtered alkaline water, but they also energize the water. Making it even more effective and beneficial to the body.

I personally use, at my home and at my office, their top of the range under counter alkaline water filter. Along also, with their shower filters, and a portable device. So, you can actually check them out at

Can you buy this water in stores?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Yes. Alkaline water is readily available in stores now. However, it is not as high-quality as actually generating it yourself at home or at your office. Bottled alkaline water can be contaminated by the plastic bottles that it’s sitting in. Unfortunately, as things ship from one place to another, they can heat up during this shipping and that will generally change the PH and also sometimes has the potential to release toxic chemicals from the plastic to the water. Generally, it’s going to have a slightly lower PH, and alkalinity level. And of course, the bottled water contributes to that ever increasing global pollution and landfill waste problem.

Are there ways to enhance our water without using special filters or equipment?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Absolutely. There are several ways that you can effectively alkalize your water. Of course first, make sure that it’s purified and filtered water before you waste your time trying to alkalize toxic water. But, if you add the juice of an organic lemon and depending on the size of the glass or the container that you’re doing, a small amount of baking soda, your water will turn alkaline.

Also using sliced cucumbers and fresh herbs will turn your water more alkaline. You also can purchase a small, portable alkalizing wand that simply slips into a bottle of regular filtered water, and in 20 seconds, it will turn that water to a PH of somewhere around 7.8.

Now I use these on the go, and again, Water Revolution has a great option there that’s inexpensive. But there are also companies that you can find online that actually produce inexpensive drops that you can simply add to the water in order to turn it alkaline.

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