Symptoms of Hormone Dysfunction

The symptoms of hormone dysfunction are many in theory, but here are a few: Unexpected and unexplained weight changes – sometimes an increase or a decrease Mood swings Sexual dysfunction Muscle and bone loss Sleep disturbances Changes in hair, skin,…
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Maybe Your Hormone Levels are Off

Hormone deficiencies can result in muscle weakness, unexplained weight gain, mood swings and more. Testing for HGH, DHEA, progesterone and estrogen levels will provide a baseline and identify any hormone dysfunction. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy enhances hormones that are naturally made…
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Individualized Treatment May Include Lab Testing

Each patient is individually evaluated using a variety of different diagnostic tools and questionnaires. If we feel additional lab testing would be valuable to their treatment then we discuss the various options for that patient. Some testing is offered in-house…
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Lab Testing

Lab testing for pH levels, hormone levels, allergens and more offer a baseline objective marker to determine if treatments are working. Lab tests may include hair analysis, saliva testing and RAST testing. How is lab testing used in your practice?…
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