The Main Benefits of UltraSlim Photonica Professional

The main benefits of the UltraSlim Photonica Professional are removal of excess fat and a significant reduction in inches on the very first treatment.

It also increases both collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in tightening and smoothing of the skin, producing an anti-aging effect. We see reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite reduction and liposuction reduction repair. Of course, this comes with zero side effects: no pain, no bruising and no recovery down time.

Dr. Andrew Shepherd, DC is the Clinic Director and Nutritionist for Mountain Health Chiropractic and Wellness located in the heart of Plano, TX. Dr. Shepherd and his staff strive to truly exceed all of your expectations! They offer a holistic approach to treat you structurally, nutritionally, and emotionally through the steps to wellness, longevity and life extension. Contact us for more information.

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