UltraSlim Photonica Professional

The UltraSlim Photonica Professional is the only noninvasive procedure approved by the FDA for immediate fat loss. It delivers a red light that triggers fat cells to release their contents for the body to dispose of.

Could you please describe what UltraSlim Photonica Professional is and what it does?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Absolutely. The UltraSlim Photonica Professional is an FDA cleared red light therapy device. It delivers a specific frequency of light through the use of 150 powerful light emitting diodes. Now that allows the fat cells to release their contents and also your skin to regenerate both collagen and elastin. The Photonica Professional is classified as a powered laser surgical instrument by the FDA. It must be used only under the order of a physician.

The Photonica Professional’s light disrupts the fat cell’s membrane, creating a temporary pore within the cell itself. The cell is then able to release that fat and it’s collected by the lymphatic system and processed by the liver and then excreted. As an example, a 3.5 inch loss in the body is equal to approximately 1.5 liters of fat being lost.

How is UltraSlim Photonica Professional different than other fat loss treatments?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, the UltraSlim Photonica Professional Cold Light is the first and only noninvasive procedure to be approved by the FDA for immediate fat loss. All other non-surgical fat loss technologies require weeks or months to achieve the results that the Photonica Professional can achieve in only 32 minutes. Now unlike energy-based technologies that kill fat cells, which is called apoptosis, with techniques like freezing or radio waves or ultrasound cavitation, the UltraSlim Cold Light procedure uses a special type of laser light to trigger the body’s fat cells to localize and release the contents stored in those fat cells.

When we consume too many calories, our body stores the excess energy in our fat cells. In times of famine, our body uses the natural bodily function which is called lipolysis to release that stored energy so that we can live off our own fat. The UltraSlim Professional tricks the fat cells to mimic this exact same natural bodily process.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: The Photonica Professional generates, operates at the cellular level and does not generate heat as part of its mechanism of action. It is completely noninvasive red light technologies and they have never shown any recorded side effects and patients experience no pain, no numbness, no bruising, no discoloration and no downtime for treatment recovery. Photo-biomodulation, which is what is created by the red light, has an added bonus of actually tightening and smoothing the skin by adding new collagen and elastin to the skin. So no, there are no side effects.

What is a typical treatment session like?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Well, there really is no typical session as each treatment protocol is custom designed for each individual. All patients are going to experience a deep sense of relaxation and many fall asleep during the procedure. With this medical breakthrough technology, the Photonica Professional causes the fat cells to release their contents, but only the fat cells that are being treated. So for example, patients can lose belly fat without losing any fat in their breasts by simply directing the light only to the areas where the fat loss is the desired outcome.

How would someone get started if they are interested in this program?

Dr. Andrew Shepherd: Our sister company Genesis Life Spa performs the procedures in their office. Everyone begins with a consultation where you will learn about the technology we use and how it actually works on your body. We’ll discuss your individual goals and your expectations and one of our highly trained and experienced technicians will then assist you and make recommendations on how to best achieve your goals. If we accept you as a candidate for the procedure, we can usually begin the treatment on this very first visit. If you choose a full body procedure, it will last just under one hour. It’s pain-free, completely noninvasive and very relaxing. After the procedure you will be given post-treatment instructions to maximize the results and we’ll go ahead and schedule you for your next session.

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