Using Essential Oils for the First Time


For someone new to using oils, I would recommend two things. Firstly, purchase some kind of diffuser for the oils. Secondly, purchase a starter kit that will give you a great selection of a wide variety of different oils, some blends, some pure oils, having a multitude of uses. When you do this, you’ll receive a small catalog, explaining each oil, explaining the potential uses, explaining what can be blended, what can’t and shouldn’t be blended, whether or not you should diffuse it into the air, whether you can apply it topically and how to do all of those things. Their uses are so varied and wide. Don’t become overwhelmed with trying to figure that out yourself initially. Start with these starter packs and then once you begin to become more comfortable using oils and more educated with their use, you can then begin to experiment with any of the oils available. An easy way to get started is to visit

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